Conference Topics

III-nitride crystal growth; III-nitride epitaxy; doping and point defects; nitride alloys and Ga related materials; and growth methods and related technologies
Session chair: Y. Mori (Osaka Univ., Japan)
Optical and electrical properties; structural analysis; defect characterization; nanophotonics and nanoelectronics; and theory and simulation.
Session chair: Y. Yamada (Yamaguchi Univ., Japan)
Optical Devices:
Visible, UV, and white LEDs; laser diodes; VCSELs; solar cells; photodetectors; intersubband devices; optical devices with nanostructures; and optical device processing and physics.
Session chair: T. Takeuchi (Meijo Univ., Japan)
Electronic Devices:
Transistors, diodes, switches, and amplifiers; power and RF applications; device processing and fabrication; transport and switching properties; novel device concepts; contacts; and reliability.
Session chair: J. Suda (Nagoya Univ., Japan)

Program at a Glance (Tentative)

Abstract Submission

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